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This Privacy Policy (also referred to as ‘Policy’) applies to (also referred to as ‘Company’ or ‘Site’). It notifies you (also ‘You’ and/ or ‘Your’) about our services, how we collect, use, and share the information you provide. Your use of this Site and sharing the personal information you provide constitutes an agreement with these policies. Please read this Policy in full before using this Site. Use of this Site establishes the acceptance that You have read, understood, and agreed to this Policy and all other policies as presented on this Site. Should you disagree with this Site’s Policy and this Company’s terms and conditions, do not use this Site. Changes may be made to this Policy at any time.

Personal Information

Through using this Site and its services, you are permitting the Site to collect “personally identifiable information” and “non-personally identifiable information” about You. These pieces of information are described below:

Personal Identifiable Information

Use of this Site obliges You to provide specific ‘Personally Identifiable Information’. Your unique data is necessary for communication and identification. This information may include, but is not limited to: your name, date of birth, telephone number, physical address, Social Security number, driver’s license number and state, email address, employment information, active military information, information about home ownership, citizenship status, frequency and amount in paychecks, and your banking information.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Use of this Site supplies us with anonymous ‘Non-Personally Identifiable Information’ which may include, but is not limited to: Internet Protocol address, Internet Service Provider, operating system type, and browser type. This information may be obtained directly when the ‘cookies,’ feature is enabled, data sent to Your computer when visiting a website. ‘Cookies’ being disabled may prevent access to certain areas of this Site. This Company has no control over cookie technology. This information may be collated and shared with third parties for trend and statistical analysis and is in no way linked to your Personally Identifiable Information.

How Third Party information is shared.

Use of this site authorizes this Company to share information that you divulge with third parties and affiliates. Information shared with this Company by You, gives us Your permission to share this information with our network of third party lenders for the purposes of completing loan requests. There are several ways in which a Third Party can use information that you have provided. It may be used to offer you a loan, offer other business services, or provide marketing information. Your data may also be shared with other third party list managers and marketers. Each of these parties has its own policies for collecting, using, and sharing your information. Once your data has been shared, this Site is no longer responsible for in which way your information is used.

Information provided by You, maybe shared by the company, due to legal processes, fraud prevention, should this Company be sold, acquired, or file for bankruptcy, Site improvements, in the case of violation of our Policies and/ or Terms & Conditions, or when and where this Company regards it assets or rights are violated..

Furthermore, this Site may sanction third party lender advertising and other partners in marketing. These companies usually use their technology of their own (including ‘cookies’) to track and collate data connected to marketing. Please note, This Site does NOT divulge Personally Identifiable Information to these third-party advertising partners.

How is my information used?

The information provided by You allows us to connect you with a cooperating third party lender, one of our network of lenders or those having an established business relationship with us. This information enables your loan request to be reviewed, in addition to providing accurate customer service, communication by mail, email, telephone, or mobile devices regarding our services (our own or those of third parties), in the enforcement of our Policy and Terms & Conditions, or for other services provided to you on this Site. Your bank information in addition to social security information may also be used to verify Your identity in the interest of fraud prevention.

How is my data secured?

A number of security measures are put in force to protect Your personal information from unauthorized retrieval, use, disclosure or destruction. This applies to both digital and physical information. This Site employs SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, stores personal data on secure servers, and utilizes password protection.

Despite all precautions being enabled to protect Your information, the storage or transmission of data cannot be guaranteed. Consequently, data is not necessarily protected, either in storage or in transmission. When accessing this site it is done at Your own risk. Should your Personally Identifiable Information be subject to a breach of security, you will be informed along with any responsible agencies as dictated by law. Notification may be delivered by way of email. This notification may be subject to delay judicially in order to perform an investigation and bring forth further security measures.

Third Party Site Links.

Third party sites may have links to this Company which are uncontrolled and whose policies differ from those of this Company. This Site holds no responsibility for the practices, content, or policies of third party entities. In accessing third party sites, the information you give remains your responsibility, in addition to any content accessed by you. Your personal information can be utilized contrarily to the data submitted by you to this Site. Please read the Policies and Terms & Conditions of each site before proceeding.

My Communication Options.

When submitting personal information on this Site, you are ‘opting-in’ to the receiving of communication messages from the Site and/or a trusted lender within our associate network. You can choose to ‘Opt Out’ of sharing your personally identifiable information for specific reasons when it is this Site requests it. During the process of registration, indicate your preference on this Site or by following a link provided in our email communications. This Site, our affiliate(s) and/or third parties through e-mail, SMS (text) message, or by telephone, may also promote products and services to consumers who have requested to be contacted either through our Site or through an Opt-In process on a third-party affiliate’s sites. Should you no longer wish to receive future communications, remove your personal information from our database or continue receiving our service, click here.

Please note that your ability to participate in specific activities offered by our Site may be limited, should your personally identifiable information not be submitted. E-mail addresses and phone numbers elicited in an ‘opt-out’ request will be submitted to our company’s Do-Not-Contact registry within ten (10) days after receipt. Unless you “unsubscribe” or opt-out, it will be understood by this site that you consent to receiving communications from it and its third-party vendors and affiliates. It is may be the case that a third-party vendor or affiliate could have obtained your contact information through purchasing it from an additional third-party, consequently messages may be continued to be forwarded to you from those third-parties. xxxxxx,com holds no responsibility for stopping any forwarded communication from sources beyond our immediate control. This Site conforms to CAN-SPAM and TCPA regulations.